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Mary Knott

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“As an athlete, I believe in following my heart when choosing adventures.

Happiness is the joy you feel moving towards your potential.  Happiness does not mean freedom from pain or discomfort, because sometimes reaching your potential is very uncomfortable.  But when you are pursuing a goal that speaks to your heart you can endure, and accomplish, so much more than you believe possible.

As a coach, I love working with athletes who are loyal to their passions and willing to work hard to reach their potential.  I like to build a coaching relationship through open communication, help people recognize where their passion lies, and build a plan that is sustainable- taking into account family, work, and life balance.”


Mary is a seasoned Ironman and Ultraman athlete. She has completed 27 ironman distance triathlons, including 2 finishes at the Ironman World Championship and an Ironman PR of 10:09. She is a 2 time Ultraman finisher including a 2nd place at the Ultraman World Championships.

Mary is also a marathon swimmer. She completed the SCAR Swim Challenge, a 4-day, 41-mile swim which included a 17-mile swim on day 3 in a total time of 17 hours and 2 minutes.  She swam the entire distance according to channel rules, no wetsuit.  She is hoping to swim 21 miles across Lake Tahoe in summer 2021.


Mary works with athletes pursuing a range of goals in endurance sport including triathlon, ultrarunning, and ultra-distance triathlon.  She is comfortable working around complicated schedules to help an athlete reach their goal, whether it’s to finish or to podium. 


If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it?  Or just let it slip?” 

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