Amy Hite

“From the beginning of my athletic career, I have enjoyed both the physical and mental challenges that come from pushing your limits… from flipping through the air on a four-inch-wide balance beam, to being secured by just a few sharp points on a frozen waterfall, to learning how to swim at 30 years old. The hard work and perseverance that go into breaking mental and physical barriers and mastering new skills is infinitely rewarding.

I love helping others gain the confidence needed to believe in themselves and accomplish their wildest dreams.


Amy has completed 41 ironman races including six finishes at the Ironman World Championships and one finish at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Her Ironman PR is 10:27.

Amy’s athletic career began with gymnastics, where she competed up to Level 10 in high school, while also coaching pre-school up to pre-teen girls. After earning a Chemical Engineering degree, her athletic focus shifted to climbing: rock, ice, and high-altitude mountaineering. She has summited multiple Ecuador peaks, six over 5000 meters, including Chimborazo (20,564ft). She also summited Aconcagua (22,841’), the highest peak in the Western hemisphere, via a route that circumnavigated the mountain.

Amy was formerly active in CrossFit, where she coached for several years. She has helped people get to the start line of the Boston Marathon and to the finish line of an Ironman.


Our resident engineer, Amy is our go-to triathlon and run coach for those self-professed “data geeks.” She is also experienced in helping gym-built athletes navigate entry into the world of endurance sports.


“It may not always be pleasant, but it will be rewarding”