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Alyssa is an exemplary coach. Her years of experience as an endurance athlete combined with her approachable and supportive attitude make her an ideal leader.

Alyssa always reviews my goals with honesty and creates training plans specific to my needs and experience level. Even after five years of working together, she continues to provide workouts that challenge me as well as build necessary mental toughness.

Under Alyssa’s guidance, I’ve achieved personal bests across every distance from 5k to Ironman, and accomplished things I never thought possible, like finishing an Ultraman triathlon. I’d recommend Alyssa’s coaching to anyone looking to work hard and improve their performance alongside an honest, knowledgable, and diligent coach.

- Briana Frank

When I started in triathlon in 2004 I trained without a coach.  Over the years I improved gradually from middle of the pack, to consistently finish near the top of my age group with some podiums.   My performance started plateauing though, and I was worried that my best days were behind me.  I was lucky enough to see firsthand starting in 2017 how Hillary improved my wife Amy as a triathlete.  I wanted that for myself too and signed up with Hillary December 2018.

Since working with Hillary, I’m faster and fitter than I’ve ever been. Just in 2019, I qualified for both Kona 140.6 & 70.3 AG world championships.  The 70.3 first place finish in my age group was the first time I’ve ever been on the top of the podium in an Ironman-branded event. That 70.3 race had 2018 Kona 140.6 qualifiers in my age group so there was plenty of competition that day.

Hillary has helped me to improve my weakest discipline, running, while still making performance gains on my bike and swim.  She has done that through careful coaching, knowing how and when to push me mentally and physical, and when to tell me to back off and rest.

I also learned to love swimming in the pool from her, something I used to find excuses to neglect.  I used to take months off swimming over winter and spent way too much time catching up in the spring.  The catching up was detrimental to the run/bike disciplines.

Hillary found the key to unlock the untapped potential in me.  Hillary can find that key for you too – if you want it! 

- Dave Lundberg

I started working with Coach Leslie in December 2016. I had originally planned for her to coach me through the 2017 Ironman Chattanooga race but had so much fun working with her that I just cannot give her up.

Leslie helps me set goals for the season as well as individual goals for each race and she somehow took my biggest weakness (swimming) and helped me enjoy time in the pool.

The Biscay Coaching team is made up of many elite level athletes and I am always a little insecure about my middle of the pack status. However, Leslie helps me feel like my goals and results are just as important as anyone else’s.

Since I started working with Leslie I have had some major life events, including going back to school, and she has really worked with me to create workouts that fit with my schedule and are interesting.  I love the variety of workouts Leslie gives me and how she continues challenging me after more than 3 years together.

My absolute favorite part of working with Leslie is the awesome communication. She has always been available either via the workout log, text or phone. She is supportive and shows genuine concerns for me as a person. Despite living on different coasts, I have been lucky enough to race the same event as Coach Leslie on three separate occasions. I love that her supportive, caring and tough approach that comes across online is matched in real life.

I really cannot say enough about how much I enjoy working with Coach Leslie!

- Bridget Haga

After competing in Ironman-distance races for almost a decade, I decided to try to tackle an Ultraman. A friend recommended Hillary for coaching, and the rest is history. We set the goal, to cross an Ultraman finish line in 2019, and got to work in July 2016.

The following year I qualified for Kona—twice—long after having given up on qualifying and racing there.

Hillary optimized my training, but more importantly, she changed the way I think about myself as an athlete. I charged into the Ultraman training blocks with confidence and faith in the process.

The race was epic, mostly because I stuck exactly to the plan Hillary mapped out for us. Not only did I finish Ultraman Canada, but I also landed on top of the podium (overall women’s winner and a 50+ age group record).

After 28 years of competitive racing, at 50 years old, I was the most fit I’d ever been. I attribute a big chunk of my success to Hillary and her amazing coaching staff. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been coached by the best in the sport.

- Kathryn Zeiler

I began working with Mary in the fall of 2017, I wanted to challenge myself and work on my confidence at the Ironman distance.  I  reached out to Hillary with an idea to do 3 Ironman Races within the 10 weeks of my daughters’ summer 2018 break. Hillary introduced me to Mary and I can tell you my life, physically, mentally, and emotionally has never been the same.

Mary has never questioned my crazy goals, not the triple Ironman or the 50-miler when I had only ever run a marathon, and she never hesitated when I asked her 2 years later if she would coach me for Ultraman. She never told me I wasn’t fast enough to make a cut-off, or travel too much for work (which I do) to get the biking in. She showed me that the moment you have a thought of a goal you want to complete, the rest can be worked out.

Mary has helped me to integrate my training into my busy life and work schedule. She also introduced me to meditation, a practice that has helped me to be successful in my physical endeavors as well as my life. 

In addition to completing a triple Ironman, with her guidance, I have completed several ultramarathons, the JFK50 twice, new PR’s at every distance, ridden up Mt Lemon, swam 10k once a month for 3 months, I completed Ironman Lake Placid one day after burying my father, and have been accepted to Ultraman Canada.

Personally I have also taken 2 executive promotions and raised 2 daughters and I can confidently tell you all of these things are related, you have to get into a vortex of success thought and you need to build a tribe of people around you to help you do it. Mary is one of those people.

- Josie Vitale

Working with Alyssa has changed my life for the better in so many ways – from giving me tangible goals to work towards day in and day out, keeping me accountable on my good and bad days, and giving me the competitive outlet that I emotionally need. 

Having a support system and coach there every single day, listening to me, and adjusting my workouts has been game-changing. Having a coach has also helped me to see that even when life or work throws me some massive curveballs, it is still possible to work towards and achieve my lofty goals.

Since I started working with Alyssa my PR’s have been great (went from a 2:09 half marathon to running a 1:41 DURING a marathon).

I have no doubt that I would not be the athlete I am today without this coaching team, and I am beyond grateful to get to be a part of it every day.

- Julie Moore

My first IRONMAN was in 2010. By the end of 2016, I had completed 18 IRONMANs, with one podium, multiple top 10 finishes and a trip to Kona via the Legacy program, but I had lost all enjoyment in training. I decided some coaching/direction might be what I needed to put some spunk back into the process. 

I started training under Hillary in mid-December 2016 and my training immediately became interesting, structured, and a little bit scary. Hillary has a gift for pushing her athletes further than they might think possible and an uncanny ability to know just when a rest day is needed.

In my first three years of being coached, with guidance from Hillary and the support of the entire Biscay Coaching team, I achieved numerous PRs, ended up on nine IRONMAN podiums, and qualified for Kona three times. My husband, Dave Lundberg, was so impressed by the success I had working with Hillary… or maybe he was just tired of me beating him to the finish line… that he signed on with Hillary in late 2018.

- Amy Hite

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