Triathlon training camps

Elevate your training

There’s nothing like a training camp to refine your form, log high-quality training miles, and learn from high-caliber endurance coaches, including Ironman Champion and Ultraman World Champion, Hillary Biscay and 3x Ironman Champion and uber-biker Maik Twelsiek.

Biscay Coaching camps are designed to bring athletes training for similar distances and formats together for a long weekend of training. This is a unique opportunity for you to receive hands-on coaching, or if you haven’t hired a coach in the past, experience what it’s like to be coached. 

Our goal is to provide you with an experience that will both challenge and support you into leaving a stronger athlete than you arrived.

Triathlon training camp

What’s included

Biscay Coaching Camp

Training sessions

Challenging swim, bike, and run training sessions led by Biscay Coaching coaches

Biscay Coaching Camp

Stroke instruction

Individualized stroke instruction in the pool during swim workouts

Triathlon training camp

SAG support

For long rides and pace groups to accommodate athletes of different speeds 

Biscay Coaching Camp

Swag + group meals

Camp fees also include swag from our sponsors and two group meals 

Long Distance Triathlon Training Camp

Backbone Trail Traverse Camp: Los Angeles, CA, November 4-7, 2021

Over 3 days we will traverse the famous Backbone Trail which runs 68 miles point to point through some of the most beautiful scenery and vistas in the Santa Monica Mountains. We are actually able to break this up nearly perfectly into segments of 1/3 each day, and there will be pace groups to allow for all abilities! More info on the trail here.

 When: November 4-7, 2021

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Who: Runners, triathletes & endurance athletes looking to challenge themselves in a group environment. From seasoned trail runners to those looking to explore ultra running, all are welcome!

Cost: $1100 ($1000 for Biscay Coaching athletes). $300 non-refundable deposit required to reserve spot.


  • Coaching by Alyssa Godesky, Maik Twelsiek and Hillary Biscay
  • 2 Camp dinners
  • Evening education session
  • “Ask the Coaches” evening Q&A session
  • Training fuel & swag bags from camp sponsors
  • SAG for long runs
  • Shuttle from run finish point to start each morning

Email to register.

Backbone Trail Camp Tentative Itinerary:

Thursday November 4

Shakeout jog

Group welcome dinner

Friday November 5

Backbone first 1/3 run

Evening education session

Saturday November 6

Backbone second 1/3 run

Afternoon off

Sunday November 7

Backbone final 1/3 run

Closing dinner with Q&A

Biscay Coaching Camp
Triathlon training camp
Triathlon training camp

What athletes had to say about our camps

“I felt amazed that after one of the most exhausting weeks of my life, I was more energized than ever at the end of it. During my time at Biscay Coaching Desert Smash Camp I made new friendships, indulged in and then conquered self-doubt, sunk deeply into the reasons why I pursue self-improvement above all else, and laughed a lot. What a week.”

– Taryn Spates

“At this years training camp, I was blessed with having athletes of all levels there to really push me. In our own little circles, it is easy to find those that we are comfortable training with and stay in that group. In training camp, everyone brings their own experiences and talents to the workouts.”

– Dawn Elder


$1000 for Biscay Coaching athletes / $1100 for others

Inclusive of: coaching, SAG, swag from our sponsors, two group dinners

Upcoming camp dates

November 4-7, 2021: Los Angeles, CA

January 12-17, 2022: Carlsbad, CA

Email to register.

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