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“I love nothing more than helping my athletes discover an untapped reservoir of inner strength. 

What this looks like from one athlete to the next is often very different–for some it may be surviving the swim in a short triathlon, while for others it may be doing two Ironmans in a week. But what I’ve learned is that if the desire is there, when we are challenged in the right ways, we can find more physical and mental strength inside of us than we ever knew we had.

I’m inspired by finding the unique means by which we can challenge each athlete to expand his or her comfort zone through training and racing. I love watching how this process, and its rewards, help humans grow in confidence and fulfillment.”


Hillary has over 15 years of coaching experience and she raced as a professional ironwoman for a decade. She was the most prolific iron-distance competitor on the professional women’s racing circuit, completing 66 iron-distance triathlons, and winning Ironman Wisconsin in 2008 just a week after finishing 4th at Ironman Louisville. In 2013 she won the Ultraman World Championship title, ahead of all but two men.

Prior to becoming a professional triathlete, Hillary raced triathlons as an age grouper for 4 years. She also swam in college at USC and competed in the US Olympic Swimming Trials in 2000.


Hillary has first-hand experience racing triathlons as an age grouper, plus a decade competing as a professional and training at the highest levels with the best athletes and coaches in the sport. And recently, she’s garnered a ton of experience training through pregnancy and post-partum as well as become intimately acquainted with the nuances of balancing athletic goals with four small children and running a business.

Hillary has coached athletes through all of these phases of life, and she loves helping athletes make training work with life or helping athletes maximize those years where training and racing IS life. Each presents its own special challenges and figuring out the winning recipe for each of her athletes is truly what drives Hillary. 


 “Nothing worth doing is easy, and nothing easy is worth doing.”

Hillary Biscay Coach