We have back to back weekends with some great team fun. Last weekend was the B&A Trail Marathon and Half Marathon. With Coach Alyssa, Brian and Cortney going for a sub-3 finish, Brian came out the closest with a 3:00:50 and a big PR from his Houston Marathon 10 weeks ago. Kate Prahland also had a big PR as she stormed through the 4 hour barrier to a 3:45! Great races were also had by Suzanne, Lisa, Laurel, Ami, and Cindy! And we all appreciated the cheers from Julie and little Gabriella — it was such a treat to meet her!!!

This weekend is the much anticipated Oceanside 70.3. We hope everyone will enjoy some California vibes as you swim, bike and run through one of the most beautiful courses in the country — Coach Hillary will be on the sidelines cheering!

Last month you all outdid yourselves! A few highlights:
Jeannie completed her World Marathon Majors!!
Alli LaRochelle snagged second in her age group at Puerto Rico 70.3!
And Laura Kern celebrated a very special finish at the LA Marathon!

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