Summertime is here, daylight hours are long and the races are HOT! We love this time of year!

A few highlights from June…..
Joy nabbed a spot to 70.3 worlds at Blue Ridge 70.3!
Stacey earned a Kona spot at Hawaii 70.3!
Maisha ran a 6:34 mile on her due date and promptly gave birth to her beautiful daughter Magnolia!
Cortney was the first female and second overall at the 143 mile Desert RATS stage race, finishing with a total time under 30 hours!
Matt earned the self-supported Fastest Known Time to climb the five 4000 foot peaks in Vermont and connect them by bike.
Stephanie raced her first triathlon since 2018 and first since becoming a mom!

We also “met” two of our longtime Biscay Coaching Athletes, Stephanie Granlund and Dan Beaver!

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