Last month, our team took on a month-long BINGO challenge. The athletes chose a line–or two–to pursue over the course of the month.  There was something in each line to challenge anyone who took it on, so everyone had to work on at least one thing outside his or her comfort zone. A few intrepid souls took on blackout BINGO, with Amy Hite, Cameron Hawkins and Dave Lundberg nailing it , and a couple others coming close!  In addition to logging some serious mileage in all 3 disciplines and setting power PRs on the bike, attaining blackout involved setting numerous open running PRs, which on its own is no small feat. But for this game, the athletes had the added challenge of besting times that were set in a race environment with real-life competition and cheering spectators — remember those things…haha. Well it appears our athletes hardly missed them, as we had multiple athletes besting their best running road race times on their own–the mental fortitude required for this task and thereby deposited in our bank of mental toughness was legit! We had numerous athletes run 1-mile and half marathon PRs, and Dave Lundberg chose to use his  “26.2 miles all in one day” square to try to break a 10-year-old marathon PR at 55 years young…..AND HE DID IT, running a 3:16 SOLO MARATHON!!! 

This month we had a couple of athletes take on cycling challenges, both of which we got to grill them about afterwards during our twice-a-week live team chats. It’s always so inspiring for everyone to hear about the challenges their teammates are dreaming up and about the nitty gritty afterwards!

Sarah Karpinski and her husband did a 6-day point-to-point gravel biking adventure from their home in Washington, DC to her hometown in Ohio–521 miles over 6 days!

Heidi Videto won the 36-Hour Washington Island Ultra Cycling Race, riding a mind-boggling 440 miles in 35 hours 30 minutes. She had TWO Biscay Coaching coaches, Mary Knott and Taryn Spates, there with her to crew this effort. You can click here to read more about Heidi’s remarkable story of comeback from severe autoimmune issues to become a cycling machine.