We come into June after an action packed May. From St. George to Los Angeles to Scotland, our team is crushing their races and training and making us so proud.

A few highlights…..
Vanessa  continues to show what is possible by running a 3:50 marathon at 20 weeks pregnant, Megan inspires us all with her 5 Days of Hunger Challenge (and earning the vert equivalent of Mt. Everest in 5 days!!), reuniting with teammates at the IM World Champs in St George, and Summers makes her return to racing after taking 4 years off of triathlon to birth two little humans!!

We also celebrate Lynne Fiedler, Ironman World Champion in the 60-64 age group. Lynne won her age group in St. George this month with a 1:22 swim, 6:49 bike, and 4:13 run — a total time of 12:36:03.

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