We are entering the homestretch of winter! Everyone has been doing great – from pre-season hit out races to swim-camp blocks, to building that endurance base – the offseason work is about to pay off as we enter Spring racing season!!

Last month we celebrated Sue Lau’s finish at the Ordinance 100k where she was the third female overall, running strong and doubling the furthest she has ever run!!

We also had Vanessa, Deike and Lynne all in the top 12 women at the Boney Mountain Trail Half Marathon. Any trail race in SoCal will draw some great competition so this was so cool to see!

And emerging from the snow covered mountains of New England – Pam and Megan both inside the top ten women at the Race to the Clouds snowshoe race up Mt. Washington!

It looks like Joy McAdams has the pleasure of kicking off our multi-sport season for 2023 with the first triathlon of 2023 for our team down in Miami on March 10. Good luck Joy, enjoy that speedway! 

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