Meredith Kessler


“It is forever a privilege to try to help others thrive in both sport…and in life! One of life’s greatest pleasures is to be able to support individuals in their quest to accomplish their goals and tap into their dreams — while never losing sight of their coveted life balance. It is always paramount to remember that a HAPPY human is a HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL athlete and my method of coaching is to nurture this balanced mindset. I am much more interested in athletes who are equally as motivated in their life outside of triathlon — and those are the individuals that I strive to coach.

Leaders need leaders. My role as a triathlon coach is far more than just providing a plan that suits your lifestyle. I am energized in my pursuit to lead, guide, teach and mentor individuals in their every day inspiration to be the best athlete, and human, that they can be — every day.  It is so important to surround ourselves with people that lift us and enrich our lives and I relish in aiming to do this for everyone in my world. We cannot be our best selves until we have found our tribe — and I look forward to being part of yours!”


 Meredith has over 15 years of coaching experience and has been racing triathlon professionally since 2009. Meredith is a 70x Ironman finisher with 11x Ironman wins and 23x 70.3 wins to her credit.

Prior to becoming a professional triathlete, Meredith raced as an age grouper for nine years. She was also a Division I scholarship athlete, competing in both field hockey and track at Syracuse University.



Meredith has first-hand experience racing ironman as an age grouper as well as the unique experience of competing in long-distance triathlon at the highest levels of the sport. She is well-acquainted with the delicate dance of balancing a full professional and family life with training and racing at an elite level, as she has done it all. 


Meredith enjoys mentoring ironman athletes from experienced to pro levels–especially in training to maximize both performance and life balance, which has always been her goal and focus throughout her career. More recently, Meredith has also come to specialize in supporting women through pregnancy and post-partum training; she has close personal experience with this process, having had two young boys during her professional racing career. Meredith is an expert at programming indoor training as she built her career in a “pain cave.”


Never let success get to your head nor failures to your heart.”