Mike Plumb


“Triathlon is a unique event that encompasses three very different sports combined into one. Similarly, its athletes come from a wide variety of backgrounds–they may be former swimmers, cyclists, runners, or have no particular background in athletics at all. For this reason, I don’t have one rigid philosophy that I expect everyone to fit into. I prefer to put together a program that matches each individual’s strengths and weaknesses in order to develop their full potential as we build towards their long and short-term goals.”


Mike Plumb is a lifelong endurance athlete with 30+ years of experience as a multisport coach, and the owner of TriPower MultiSport.  He’s been a Biscay Coaching partner since 2020 as a huge asset to our camp coaching staff. Mike is a 13x ironman finisher and a former professional duathlete and elite runner, with a 1:07 half marathon PR and a 29-minute 10k PR. He is a 3x Hawaii Ironman finisher and has coached countless athletes to this finish line as well. 


USA Triathlon Level 1

USA Cycling Level 1

USA Masters Swimming Level 1



Mike specializes in data-driven training. One of his greatest strengths as a coach and lifelong athlete–still competing at 60+ in cycling and aquabike–is evolving the training to maximize our potential over decades. He brings with him a deep knowledge not only of decades of coaching, but decades of athletic experience, and an understanding of how the body’s response to training stimuli changes in athletes from their 20s through their 70s.


“Success breeds motivation; motivation breeds success.”