Biscay Coaching is honored, over the moon, and generally coming out of our skin with excitement about two new additions to our all-star, all-female coaching team: Meredith Kessler and Stephanie Granlund. With these two, we are a team of 6 women with 232 iron-distance finishes in our bank of experience, not to mention ironman WINS, major FKTs, Ultramans, ultramarathons, and more….This means that whether you want to try something for the first time, or to win the event, we probably have someone who has done it and would love to support you!!!

Bringing Meredith and Stephanie onboard will help our team to be able to support a growing community of everything from elite iron-distance athletes to first-time triathletes and ultramarathoners. Our team has been operating largely at capacity for the last several months, so when it came time to figure out how we would support more athletes, Meredith and Stephanie were two obvious natural additions to our Biscay Coaching team. 

As the winningest American ironman athlete of all time, Meredith is an athlete whose resume and experience go without saying. What may not be as well known is that Meredith is the best friend of Biscay Coaching Head Coach & Founder, Hillary, and that these two have been “talking shop” about coaching for over a decade now. Throughout her professional racing career, Meredith has always done some coaching on the side–everything from her legendary indoor computrainer classes that she taught for years in the San Francisco Bay Area to remote 1:1 coaching for triathletes and runners of all levels. So we are thrilled to welcome Meredith’s existing athletes into our Biscay Coaching stable as well as to offer her 1:1 coaching services to a few new athletes who will be a best fit.

Stephanie Granlund is a long-time Biscay Coaching athlete who has done everything from marathons to ironmans to ultramarathons to– recently–Kona-qualifying. Along the way, Stephanie has coached new runners, marathoners, and triathletes towards their first events as well as specialized in helping new moms get back to fitness and LIFE after baby. Stephanie is the mom of an almost-three-year-old who has managed to take her own racing, fitness and quality of life to a new level after becoming a mom, and she will be a great asset to any other mom looking to do the same. A detail-oriented and driven professional, Stephanie is intimately acquainted with the process required for a new triathlete, ironman or ultramarathoner needs to be successful. We look forward to being able to support more athletes in this journey with Steph onboard!

Email to inquire about working with either Meredith or Stephanie in 2023.